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Part gallery, part museum and part record store. Vintage vinyl records, music memorabilia, Tie Dye T-Shirts, rock 'n' roll art and Cool Stuff Made From Records!


☆as of jan 2019, we’re no longer buying records.


we buy & sell vintage vinyl records: rock, psych, New wave, alt, punk and grunge

currently buying: zeppelin, stones, dead, hendrix, doors, floyd, queen, prince, clash, heads, dylan, zappa +

We also buy select, blues (muddy waters), soul (sam cooke), funk (james brown), reggae (bob marley), african (fela kuti) and country (johnny cash). Sorry no classical, big band (glen miller), showtunes or easy listening (bing crosby). no 7" singles or 78's.

Records must be in good playable condition with no deep scratches, cracks or warps. covers must be clean and w/0 water damage, mold, etc.

Contact us with a list or brief description here.

Gold Million Records
851 W. Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010                   (610) 525-4500

store closed on 12/29/2018

thanks for 42 years!