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after the grammy's: CBS3 EYEWITNEss News interviews GOLD MILLION RECORDS

after thE awards CBS3's Chris May
February 9, 2015

CBS3's Chris May Feb. 8, 2015
"It's a big night on CBS3. The best awards show of them all The Grammys starts at 8:00. And once it wraps up don't miss my chat with Harold Gold and Max I. Million, the creative forces behind the legendary Main Line music and memorabilia store Gold Million Records, as we explore the incredible resurgence of vinyl albums. I'll be in for the newscast along with Jessica, Kathy, and Beasley. So check out your favorite artists and then stay up with us. TONIGHT on CBS Philly."

"What a great Grammys show. Hope you've enjoyed it. Once it wraps up Jessica Dean News, Kathy Orr, Beasley Reece and I will have the news. Among our stories I'd my look at the resurgence of vinyl records, with a big assist from Harold Gold of Gold Million Records in Bryn Mawr. Join us!"
"Thanks again to Gold Million Records for helping bring alive our story on the surging popularity of vinyl records"
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Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, and Commodore Jazz Anthologies.



A streamlined version of the annual April Record Store Day event will be coming on Black Friday, November 29, 2013.

Our featured Record Store Day exclusive this year is a rare previously unreleased GRATEFUL DEAD concert from April 1970. This was an incognito Grateful Dead show originally billed as "Mickey Hart and His Heartbeats and Bobby Ace and His Cards from the Bottom of the Deck".

 Grateful Dead 2-LP

Grateful Dead 2-LP

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